Planned for 2021


A Month of Nazareth  The House of the Open Door has recently expanded its self-catering facilities. It could be an ideal venue.  We now have a provisional booking for Monday 6th September - Friday 1st October.  Please let Stephen know if you are interested


Responisbles Meeting.   By Vdieo Conference on Zoom:  Wednesday 13th October at 2.30 pm.  Invites will be sent out nearer the time.


A Zoom Fraternity?

The monthly meeting and other in person events have and always will be an essential part of Jesus Caritas.  However the pandemic has made us aware there are now other ways of meeting using technology.  Although not a s good as real live meetings, video conferencing can be much better than nothing.  For a a variety or reasons there are brothers for whom attending meetings is not a realistic possibility.  To enable them to be part of the Fraternity we could start a new 'zoom' Fraternity.  This would be open to any English speaking Priest or Deacon from anywhere in the world.   If this idea interests you please contact Stephen:



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